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Since many people have asked me how I do my scratchboard art, I decided to record my process. I decided to do a very tiny board which will show me scratching and coloring a Leopard eye. I used the reference picture by Julia…

This is the video…
I am accepting commissions for pencil drawings as well as scratchboards. The commissions can be of a person, a pet, a landscape or any other thing as long as a good reference is provided.  The rates are simple - $10 or 800 points for every 1 hour spent on the commission.

So if the drawing is of a smaller size(like 5x7) then it means lesser hours.

For example this drawing of Jack Nicholson took me 3 hours as it is only 5x7 and did not require much details Jack Nicholson by shonechacko  
But this drawing of Jackie Chan took me around 8 hours as it is 8x10 and has a much more nicer finish   Jackie Chan by shonechacko

For drawing pets, I prefer scratchboards as they require less shading and the effects are more striking.  Samples are 2 Hour Tiger by shonechacko which took me only 2 hours to finish and Snowy by shonechacko which took me 6 hours.

I usually take around 5-6 hours for a 5x7 portrait. I can ship the original too anywhere in the US with an additional $15 charges.

So if you are interested in commissioning me then the steps are as follows
    1. You note me saying that you are interested in a commission and give me the reference picture.
    2. I estimate the number of hours and tell you how much it will cost you.
    3. Once you agree with my rate, I start doing your commission and start giving you work in progress pictures
    4. I expect you to pay me 25% of the total on receiving the first WIP
    5. I finish the commission and send you the soft copy or ship you the original
I am still learning techniques and tips for being a better artist. Some of the online tutorials I found are

These are the free online tutorial I know of are the following……………

Please share with me if you know of any more good ones.
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I am 30 now and I am taking the art of drawing seriously only now. I used to draw when I was a kid, but then stopped doing it and did not get to improve my skills. I have started drawing again now and I can see my improvement with every new drawing.

I know only practice can make me better and I have a target of drawing at least 2 drawings every week. 1 during the weekdays and a quick one at the weekend. The ones I do at the weekend will be instant gratification ones where I won't worry too much about finishing or accuracy.
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